How I understood how to build the pages

Throughout this class, I thought I knew what I was doing. But I did learn something about DreamWeaver however, it taught me that code looks to be scary. But whenI looked at this tutorial I started to learn from it. So I started learning the things that was went over in class, in bits and steps in this tutorial.

It really taught me a lot. And I will continue to build from this. Practice does make perfect.

This tutorial below explained everything with myself being able to go back and look over if I messed anything up.

Sometimes looking up tutorials really improve your skills and opens up an idea of how to do it. This class was not as easy as I thought it would be. I came to this class so I can learn for fun and be able to use these skills for any further future work in my career as a whole.

I would like to say during this whole experience that if you lose track on any progress with your work. Go to the product’s official website. This benefited me to such an extent.

I started to understand the Body, the Css, the articles, as well as divs, and so much more that I they had to offer. It was like my own text book.


A Bad Day.

Today just upsets me. I had to turn down a friend’s help with an assignment. because of my ex girlfriend. I am getting to the point that I am having my hands tied. Why make an ex boyfriend pick up a person from the subway when they know better that me and her have once been dating. Am I happy about it. No. Am I glad she came to visit everyone. Absolutely not. But for my friend’s sakes. I guess I’ll do it. I’ll just not like it. Any who, I recently just updated my website tile. Take a look

tile  This is my official design

Happy Halloween

This post was late due to myself getting home from the city last night. The city had a parade event. last night. It was fun, I will admit that. I am usually very iffy about usually not going to night events in the city like this. My friends were dressed up as DC heroes. My friend Chris was going around scaring people as Batman. It was hilarious. We also had people stop us for pictures. I also uploaded a little part of my friend screaming Batman and scaring people. Happy Halloween!

How to animate with Photoshop Cs5 or Any Version

Today I been animating my stick project from last week. So I was curious about learning more and some of the tools. Now I learned a little bit more after using my scans. And was literally playing around with it. The only problem I have is making it stay in that sequence so I can go to the next scene without moving or disabling certain layers.

But this is a source of what I did and I also print screened my work as well.

Stick Animation

Updating the Blog

Hello. I been drilling hours of my time to add so much content here. First thing first, I learned a little bit more on some tools that helped me out on making website buttons. I made one so I will show you a sample. If you want to see more I updated it on my Design page. So please go right ahead and see if you are interested.

Button Sample:About-Us-button

And here is a small button sample of my Donate button:Donate-button

I also will add some videos that gave me a hand when it came to this process if you had any trouble making them. They will be links below.

On Button Making (On Photoshop)

Using the Radius/Shape Tool (On Photoshop)

And using the Crop Tool (On Photoshop)

Enjoy. I really learned new things. And to anyone reading this. It is never harmful to look up videos. You can learn a lot from them as well as they can maybe in the future learn something from your work.